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Monday, March 31, 2008

Review Term: plurality

plurality system (as defined by Wilson):
an electoral system in which the winner is the person who gets the most votes, even if he or she does not receive a majority; used in almost all American elections

OK, now onto a practical example:

Presidential elections: John McCain, the Democratic candidate (let's call this person Obamton), and Ralph Nader are all on the ballot in Illinois, vying for the 21 electoral votes. McCain gets 40%, Obamton gets 45%, and Nader gets 5% (the remaining 10% go to various write-in candidates - surely Mike Gravel is getting many of these votes). Obamton gets a plurality of the vote in Illinois, meaning that he/she gets more votes than any other candidate. Note that this is not a majority! He/she still gets all 21 electoral votes.


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At 8:03 AM, Blogger Elizabeth Reeves said...

im not sure how what we're suppose to talk about lol

but, i think that since obama has the plurality or more than half of the popular votes, delegates, etc, that hillary should really drop out of the race

she is hurting the dem. party more than mccain, who in the end, is the biggest barrier for presidency


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